Welcome to my new baby. I set up A Little Bit of Goodness, to help you put a bit of goodness in your day. Everything you find here is intended to give you a bit of goodness… from delicious nourishing recipes to my favourite chocolate cake recipe – who can argue that chocolate cake doesn’t make you feel good?

My recipes are based on my diet and how I enjoy food; 80% plant based, 15% vegetarian and 5% of what I want. I believe life is too short to put restrictions on yourself and while I aspire to live well, eat well and just be healthy I believe that is only possible by indulging in that mile-high burger or devouring the red velvet cheesecake just once in a while.

You’ll also find crafty goings-on and helpful guides on how to create your own decor or foodie gifts. I crafted my way to wedding bliss in 2013 and can’t wait to share my top tips with you. I love crafting as it helps me to feel good and I hope it will make you feel all the lovely goodness feels too.

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